Vika from Neajlov shared hot vacation photos

Victoria Smouha from the band Neangely resting on the exotic Maldives Islands, bask on the beach and regularly share fresh portions of photos in a bikini. The singer changes daily swimsuit and shows a chiseled figure on the background of beautiful scenery. Recently, she spoke about the meeting with the unusual inhabitants of the ocean depths and accompanied the story of the spectacular shots on the boat. Then inquisitive the star decided to not just share the colorful pictures, and interesting facts about the Maldives Islands.

Вика из НеАгелов поделилась горячими фото с отдыха

In the Wiki page in Instagram appeared a couple of fresh shots. On them the singer was captured in the background of ocean and palm trees. She poses in a turquoise bikini and a mesh scarf-pareo-coloured threads.

“So many beautiful photos like the Maldives, I was not even in Bali. And besides, just to see the shot, I will tell you the fascinating facts that I’ve learned. Here, for example, do you realize that adultery in the Maldives –it is a criminal offence. The punishment for a proven fact – 100 public lashes. Often, under this law women get, unfaithful husbands and lovers among the perpetrators and only 30% (I wonder why?). How would you react to such a law in our country?” — asked the singer.

Prohibitions on the cores relate to Halloween here, this holiday is not recognized.

“For many years in our life smoothly goes Halloween – all sorts of costume parties and carving pumpkins — it is the attribute of autumn. But in the Maldives strictly forbidden this holiday. Any public mention of it may cause conflicts and disciplinary conversation with the police. But we are not threatened, so we can prepare the costumes,” said star.

Вика из НеАгелов поделилась горячими фото с отдыха

Fans joined the discussion interesting facts and could not resist the beauty of Victoria.

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