Vintage diamond ring has survived two major fires and returned to the owner

Старинное кольцо с бриллиантом пережило два крупных пожара и вернулось к хозяйке

In the U.S. city of Los Angeles firefighters returned to the mistress a diamond ring which had been found among the ruins of a house burnt during a forest fire “Getty”.

Case with jewel noticed the emergency personnel working at the site of the disaster. Realizing that somebody else a ring can be expensive as memory, they tracked down his owner. According to the representative of the fire Department, the woman was happy that the jewelry was returned to her.

She said that the ring belonged to her mother, with whom they evacuated when the fire started. In 1961, her home was destroyed by another forest fire, and this piece of jewelry is the only remaining thing then.

Fire “Getty” began on 28 October, and covered three square kilometers. The cause of the fire were fallen on the wire branch. The flames spread to nearby vegetation and destroyed 10 homes, 15 buildings suffered. Five firefighters were injured, not dangerous for life.

Earlier it was reported that in the English city of Penzance, Cornwall, small sea fish helped the man to find an engagement ring that he lost while swimming and was found the next day thanks while floating in a sea of fish.