Violent spouses: '810s' create a false sense of security

Abusive spouses: “810” create a false sense of security


Pledges to keep the peace signed by violent spouses, commonly referred to as 810s in the legal community, provide a false sense of security for women and will need to be replaced with the establishment of the new specialized court.

The peace bond, which the man accused Wednesday of attempted murder in Saint-Hyacinthe had signed only five weeks before the tragedy, is an article of the Criminal Code which has no bite, deplores the Federation of Women's Shelters (FMHF).

Abusive spouses: “810” creates a false sense of security

Manon Monastesse, General Manager of the FMHF

“One of the problems is that women think that with 810, if something happens during contact with their spouse, it will protect them . It’s a false sense of security”, laments the DG of the federation Manon Monastesse.

In addition, when the spouse is in non-compliance with the condition, at 810, “the follow-up is not done”, deplores Ms. Monastesse. “Can't wait for the new specialized court,” she says.

Rapid intervention unit

Louise Riendeau, of the Regroupement des centers pour femmes victims de violence conjugale, emphasizes that there is no magic formula to protect people against their will.

The key goes through “rapid intervention cells where professionals come together to see what can be done to secure a victim,” she explains.

The two experts are therefore of the opinion that the new court specializing in sexual and domestic violence will allow victims “to be better supported” because of a protocol that will also allow the supervision of spouses.

Thanks to this new specialized court, Ms. Monastesse even believes that the 810 will no longer be appropriate. “In principle, we won't be in the same situation again, I sincerely hope so,” she wishes.

“You have to give yourself a little time, but that's for sure that each time there is an attempted murder or a feminicide, we would like everything to work very well,” concludes Ms. Riendeau.

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