Violent storm: the Latino evening of the FEQ falls into the water

Violent storm: FEQ’s Latino party goes down the drain


Despacito, that will be for another time. A violent storm forced the cancellation of Latin star Luis Fonsi's concert on the Plains of Abraham on Thursday.

The first Latino evening in the history of the Summer Festival, which the singer of Puerto Rican origin himself was impatiently awaiting, was therefore unable to make it to the finish line.

The rain began to fall at the end of singer Becky G's concert opening act.

The rain quickly intensified and after some lightning and thunder, the Summer Festival organization ordered the evacuation of the site, around 9:20 p.m.

The other outdoor stages of the FEQ, where Lil Tecca and Gros Mené performed, were also evacuated.

Luis Fonsi therefore suffered the same fate as the Foo Fighters, in 2015, and Imagine Dragons, in 2019, except that he will not even have had time to sing a single song.

But all was not lost. A few hundred privileged people were treated to Fonsi's performance, dry inside the Mange militaire. However, the show had not started at the time of writing.

Becky G: flamboyant

Singer Becky G offered a flamboyant opening performance .

It's a shame because the evening was off to a good start. The young Califonian Becky G, a true star of Spanish pop and reggaeton with her songs that have received hundreds of millions of listens, offered one of the most flamboyant opening acts at the FEQ.

After letting her DJ heat up the crowd for about ten minutes, the 25-year-old artist pulled out all the stops as soon as we saw her show up to the sound of Fulanito, the first title at the program. A troupe of energetic dancers, jets of flame and smoke, bright red costumes, uplifting rhythms, the spectators knew immediately that they would have few opportunities to catch their breath.

The only time the singer slowed down, she went down to the floor to perform the ballad Doloresshaking hands. Some admirers could barely contain their emotions at seeing her so close.

The party then resumed and Becky G was able to put on her Shower hits, sadly. , and Mamiii before the deluge hit the Plains.

Alex Sensation: party from hell

Was it the first part of Luis Fonsi or an extension of the electro evening the day before? One thing is certain, the Colombian DJ Alex Sensation, who does not even have a Wikipedia page yet, led a hellish party at the start of the evening.

Alternating house, Latin and classic rock hits, ranging from LMFAO to Queen to Bad Bunny, Alex Sensation kept his world alert from start to finish by creating an all-inclusive vibe on the Plains. The festival-goers near the stage were dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

As a warm-up session, you could hardly ask for more.