VIP flights: how airlines are brought to the absurd luxury of the first class and worsen the economy conditions

Many do not understand why airlines are adding another ridiculous service in their offerings — now they carry passengers to the gate in limos and offer cabins with beds, private shower and Butler services. But the privileges of the airline is not for everyone. They are only available for elite passengers, or super-rich. Others have to endure the narrow seats in economy with zero service, writes USA Today.

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The airlines invented the flying castes, which confuses and offends any honest traveler. Who ever asked about this? Says Shane Chapman, senior Vice President for public relations with airlines at Ovation Travel.

“Amazing privileges starts in the zone VIP check-in, away from the chaos at the airport,” says Chapman. Then you get a separate entrance to the TSA PreCheck area and then go to the club lounge. In some rooms there are hotel facilities, including sleeping rooms, showers and delicious meals.

These special passengers will never have to go through a long hall. They get to the gate in a Cadillac (American Airlines), Porsche (Delta Air Lines) or Mercedes (United Airlines).

Onboard experience, especially on international flights, the same excellent. Passengers in the premium class have their own cabins, where they are pampered and fed and they sleep on the flat bed. And Yes, some planes have showers (domestic flights is a somewhat different thing, there is class inequality is not so great).

How to get it? Probably most of us can’t. Such privileges are reserved for the best customers of the airline who belong to secret clubs, such as American’s Concierge Key, Delta”s Diamond 360 and United”s Global Services. As a rule, become a member of the club is possible only by personal invitation.

But perhaps the best question: who requested this? The passengers of the airlines who spoke with Chapman, argued that it would be quite a bit more personal space, ability to carry Luggage and maybe a snack on long-haul flights.

In fact, all this on micro targeting

Of course, the airlines do not require a soul in the aircraft. Conventional wisdom: all luxury cars and top — notch salons just a marketing ploy, designed to lure major buyers.

This “on micro targeting,” according to Yanni Poulakos, permanent consultant travel apps for business travel

“Think of it as the road equivalent of a luxury influencers in Instagram,” he says.

At the same time, those “basic” seats in the economy class, where there is no baggage, assigned seats and the possibility of changing the tickets represent another type microTargeting. All this offers the most price-sensitive passengers the ability to fly, he said.

But the accepted wisdom might be wrong. It is assumed that people at the rear of the plane, asked the flight without maintenance — but it’s not. They want them to be treated as valued customers, but in the end they pay for every move. Plus, at the end of the flight they subscribe to the amazing credit card frequent flyer of the airline, which only leads to accumulation of debt, enriching the airline.

It’s not on micro targeting. It’s more like a bait. It’s like the airlines telling passengers economy class: “You want to be served better? Become a member of a loyalty program, and we’ll think about it”.

Not all passengers in awe of these privileges

Barbara Glavish, retired from Incline village, Nevada, recently used up all your points American Express Rewards for a flight to France with lots of amenities. And it was flying!

She and her husband used a special reception in Los Angeles. The employee then accompanied the couple through a private security corridor. They sat in a luxury car to the gate, where the staff welcomed them with glasses of champagne. And, of course, the flight itself was luxurious: large comfortable seats, food served on porcelain dishes, and a lot of personal space.

“It is ridiculous that the airlines are spending so much effort on increasing the number of places and reducing the level of service for most travellers, she says. — I remember a time when the economy was the same as it is now first class on domestic flights”.

Glavish believes that maybe companies should start to offer all passengers a humane space and maintenance.

That idea no one challenged a generation ago, but now laugh at her, people who claim to be experts in the field of travel. Maybe it’s time to put those experts in one of the tiny seats in economy class, asked Chapman. If it doesn’t change their opinion, nothing will change.

The most incredible privileges from airlines

First class on the Emirates A380: includes a shower and not just a shower, and full walk-in shower. You can also “freshen up” with the exclusive sets, Emirates Private Collection from Bvlgari.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge: it’s like “home away from home”. The lounge features tastefully selected art pieces, individually designed cabins that allow you to work in privacy and comfort, and fine food and drink.

The Shuttle Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: the car to the gate is one thing, but Virgin Atlantic to raise such a service to a new level, offering passengers premium ride to the airport and back. “You will enjoy the luxury of traveling top class from the moment we pick you up, to the moment we deliver you to your destination, — reads the statement of the airline. — No stress, no fuss.”

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