Viral challenge on TikTok: teenagers in suits banned from entering the film “Minions”

Viral challenge on TikTok: teens in full suits banned for the movie “Minions”


LONDON | Several British cinemas have banned access to teenagers in costumes who came to see the latest installment in the Minions saga due to the rowdiness caused by some young people viewers encouraged by a movement on TikTok.

Following the #gentleminions trend, groups of teenagers in suits and ties imitating the main character, Felonius Gru, and his signature gesture, disrupted screenings of the film released in the UK on Friday, filming themselves and posting videos on social media that have gone viral.

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“Due to a small number of incidents at our theaters over the weekend, we have had to restrict the 'access under certain circumstances,' explained a spokesperson for the Odeon cinema chain.

The Mallard, the Channel Island of Guernsey's only cinema, stopped showing the film due to “incredibly bad behaviour” by some groups.

Cinema Director Daniel Phillips- Smith, told the BBC that these young moviegoers “threw things, swore” and argued with other viewers during screenings.

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Indie cinema in Wadebridge, Cornwall, The Regal, warned on Twitter: “We don't ' currently not admitting unaccompanied minors wearing costumes for Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru”.

This animated film, whose broadcast was postponed by Universal for two years because of the pandemic, explores the origins of the main character of the franchise who, since the first installment Despicable Me in 2010 brought in $3.7 billion at the box office, according to the specialized site IMDB, not counting the multiple derivatives.

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Released Friday in the US, UK and China, ahead of a Wednesday release in France, this film goes back to the beginnings of Gru, the endearing failed bad guy of this saga who, teenager and surrounded by an army of Minions, seeks to integrate a group of bad guys, the Vicious 6. 

Universal, which produced this animated film, for its part approved of the runaway, tweeting: “to all those who show up to the @Minions in costumes: we see you and we love you”.