Visa has allocated $210 million to support business and women

Foundation Visa Foundation has announced the launch of two support programmes in the context of pandemic coronavirus small and micro business, local communities and especially women entrepreneurs.

Visa выделила $210 млн на поддержку бизнеса и женщин

The first program with a budget of $10 million involves emergency treatment and support for charitable organizations, healthcare and food aid in countries where there is a Visa company, Vedomosti said.

The second program, with a budget of $200 million is for five years and aims to support small and micro-businesses throughout the world with emphasis on promoting economic development of women entrepreneurs. Money, the Foundation plans to give non-governmental organizations and investment partners.

The share of small and micro business accounts for over 90% of enterprises and 50-60% of employment worldwide, the report said Visa Foundation. Many of these plants are owned by women, says the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Visa e Kelly. “It will be a Domino effect, promote the economic empowerment of women, which, in our opinion, will lead to greater equality, reduce poverty and promote inclusive economic development,” he said.