Vitaly Kozlovsky shared details of his personal life

The artist found his chosen one.

Виталий Козловский поделился подробностями личной жизни

Singer Vitaly Kozlovsky, who admitted that unhackneyed wants to celebrate a wedding, shared the details of his personal life.

According to Vitalik, he is not alone and shared that he has a girlfriend. “Have” — briefly commented the artist. However, more about the beloved, he didn’t say anything.

But Kozlowski admitted that he was not going to seek the services of a surrogate mother to become father.

“If I’m not talking about his personal life, it does not mean that I am lonely, because I have something missing in life. All the time. I would like to have children. I often think about it and realize, the sooner this happens the better it will be for me and baby because we will be with him on about the same level”, — said the singer.

The contractor added that he wants at least two children. By the way, Vitaly has the experience of fatherhood. He has four godchildren.

“I with all of your friends keep in touch from time to time see the children as possible. Some of my godchildren are in Lviv, the second in Kiev, others to Kharkov. We are a bit scattered all over the world,” shared the singer.