Vitamins affect the growth of cancerous tumors

Hypovitaminosis a long time considered a factor influencing the growth of malignant tumors. Doctors say that some vitamins in its natural form can slow the development of cancer.

Витамины, влияющие на рост раковых опухолей

The study was conducted by scientists from the UK. According to them, the connection with vitamin D help in the fight against castrate-resistant tumours, i.e. tumours that resist surgical removal.

Many of the concerns of developing melanoma try to avoid the sun, thanks to which produces vitamin D. Doctors advise not to hide from the sun in the safe period of its activity, since then the body develops protection against cancer. It is in a safe and not at noon.

Vitamin a helps to reduce the development of cervical cancer and other cancers. It contains a large number of in citrus fruits, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, eggs, milk and other products.

The group of vitamins E, B and C also have anti-tumor effect, so doctors recommend to include in your diet beef, lean pork, greens, cereals, butter and vegetable oil.

Scientists remind us that everything is good in moderation, and abuse of vitamins in any case impossible. It is better to obtain them with a balanced diet and not to get carried away buying multiple cans and boxes.