Vlad Topalov touched by the recognition of Todorenko

Влад Топалов умилил признанием о Тодоренко

Famous Russian singer Vlad Topalov touched by the recognition of his wife Regina Todorenko, showed recently grown-up son Michael. The musician did not stop to admire his wife, who manages to take care of the baby and husband to pay attention to the family, to work, to grow and to look good. Vlad says he doesn’t understand how Regina manages to do everything. He admitted that his wife since the birth of my son never slept a full a single night.

“Before my son, I can’t imagine what a Titanic work — to be a mother. Regina does not sleep for almost a year! At all. She hadn’t slept a single night for a whole 365 days!!! This is unbelievable and simply incomprehensible. However, she manages to take care of me about our son, about all my relatives, all MY relatives, all my and his friends. Time to go to courses on child swimming, child psychology, child something. Manages to remove his show, to learn, to go to the trainings, to make sure that I went to trainings, yoga, swimming, sports… I can go on for a long time, since it is only a partial list, but you are unlikely to believe me”, — I wrote to Vlad.

Влад Топалов умилил признанием о Тодоренко

Husband of Regina — an ideal that he is willing to admire every day. “I admire her EVERY day. I go to sleep — she still handles cases, I Wake up — she was with her son. So I take pictures whenever and wherever. After all, our mother is the most beautiful ALWAYS!” — says Vlad.

We will remind, Regina todorenko and received several awards, including “woman of the year”. And, according to the Russian “Forbes” makes good in Instagram. However, she later denied Regina millions work.

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