Vlad Yama admitted that he had an affair with Natalia Mogilev

13 years after participation in the TV show “dancing with the stars” choreographer Vlad Yama finally admitted that he had an affair with Natalia Mogilev. He told about it during a recent broadcast of “Dancing with the stars.”

In this broadcast, Natalia Mogilev, and Vlad Yama was invited by the couple and returned to the floor to dance a short dance and to present a new song of the singer “was Pochala”.

Влад Яма признался, что у него был роман с Натальей Могилевской

— If we had Natasha and the novel? Yes, of course, was, — said the choreographer during his story about how it all happened 13 years ago (for 2 minute video).

Vlad Yama also said that their pair from Mogilev got into the show by accident — because on the eve of the start of the first season Vladimir Moiseenko from the Duo “Rabbits” got a back injury. And remembered that they with Natalia trained from early morning till late in the evening and dined in the back seat of the car.

Recognition the choreographer has caused a “storm” of comments of viewers and subscribers. “He said, finally, that the novel was. I knew it. They were fire, I knew it! The novel was”, “was, was, was having an affair” — written followers

At the same they were dissatisfied with the performance of the pair, considering that dance Mogilev and the Pits were too short. “All?”, “30 seconds of dance???”, “Where is dance?”, “Oh, and so waiting for the dance… And it was not” — said they.

The “Dancing with the stars” first aired on Ukrainian television in October 2006, becoming the highest rated show in the country. From 2006 to 2018 filmed eight seasons of the project, which also had great ratings. At the moment shooting the seventh season of the show.

Roman Mogilev and the Pit was attributed from the start of the performances. And the choreographer and the singer claimed it wasn’t an affair.

At the moment Vlad Yama is married and has a son. According to Natalia Mogilev, she is also in love and not alone. The singer also said she is ready to become a mother.