Vlad Yama made the confession about the changes in life

The results of the twelfth live show dancing with the stars 2019 has caused a lot of controversy in the network. One of the project judges Vlad Yama immediately after the quarterfinals decided to communicate with subscribers live on the page in Instagram and answer their questions. So followers interested in not only the passion on the main flooring of the country, but also the way of life of the choreographer. Not without the question of Les nikitiuk, because last year Vlad spared criticism for leading.

Влад Яма сделал признание о переменах в жизни

The judge of Dancing with the stars 2019 admitted that he is not hurt for any couple, and even if I had favorites, I would not tell about it aloud. Speaking about the 12th edition, that Vlad is impressed with the quickstep Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov.

On a tricky question, if he Lesya Nikityuk, Vlad said that the participation of teledive in the show he has only pleasant memories.

“I remember always having a pleasant smile. The preparation of the dances I remember. I think it was cool!” — said the choreographer.

Also, the judge of Dancing with the stars 2019 let slip that gave up meat and feels great.

“Live without meat for 13 days. Fish products eaten, the meat – no. Surprisingly, not very and pull. Gradually changes occur in the head. If earlier to the gym I was sure it should (and the coach encouraged) to eat meat sure, but now I calmly to this attitude”, he said.

From dairy products of animal origin Vlad refused for a long time and not because of health problems, but because it was his conscious choice.

“Milk stopped eating long enough. Milk — kokosowe, almond. If it is possible – it’s healthier much,” he said.

As for sports, the gym, the choreographer can be seen every day – it alternates between training runs.

“If you know that will sit all day, in the morning I try to run 5-7 km,” said Yama.