Vlad Yama said, how was born his son Leon

Vlad Yama long concealed the birth of a son Leon and still never showed the boy’s face – choreographer and judge on Dancing with the stars 2019 fears of jealous stares. He jokingly says that he intends to hide the boy’s age to 17. And here is a photo with his beloved wife Liliana may not publish often, but they are specially romantic, and the history of their acquaintance is fascinating – the choreographer fell in love with the beautiful brunette from the first sight and even collected information about it before you decide on a date! While participating in the new edition of the show “Hto zverhu?”, on the “New channel” Vlad revealed the secret of his son’s birth.

Влад Яма рассказал, как появился на свет его сын Леон

It turned out that the choreographer did not see how the baby was born, though present at birth, but was released in the most crucial moment. Such a decision the couple took together – Vlad feared “pass out” in front of his wife.

“We immediately agreed that it would be bad, I’ll pass out. Therefore, it was to the last, and only 15 minutes left. Heard but not seen…” — he recalls.

By the way, an unusual name for a boy, Leon, was chosen big brother of Vlad. Once he offered to call a future star, so important and honourable mission of the choreographer and his wife decided to delegate Dmitry. By the way, Vlad’s brother works as a lawyer and far from dancing.

In character Leon is very similar to grandfather – father judge Dancing with the stars 2019. He is energetic and very active child.