Vlad Yama shared a secret harmony in the family

Vlad Yama and his wife Liliana is one of the most beautiful pair of Ukrainian show-business. Choreographer and judge on Dancing with the stars 2019 fondly recalls about their first meeting and first date – then the showman didn’t know how to win the heart of a burning beauty-brunette and even collected information about it to become better acquainted!

Влад Яма поделился секретом гармонии в семье

Now a couple raising the son of Leon and dreams of another child. On the page in Instagram during the live broadcast subscribers, Vlad decided to share the secret of harmonious relations in their pair.

According to the choreographer, the key to family happiness – to be able to feel and understand each other.

“We need to try to understand each other, feel each other and relax. Because I have a lot of work, unfortunately, sometimes… well, all will be well,” he said.

By the way, Lily came to the semi-final to support her husband. Photos with your favorite judge on Dancing with the stars 2019 shared in the stories section. The couple gently holding hands, the choreographer embraced his beloved’s waist. The couple decided to opt for thirteenth air total black bow. The Lilies – trend leather leggings and a black turtleneck. Vlad also chose a black shirt and pants ukradennye, adding to the image lacquer shoes.

Couldn’t ignore Vlad and original sharing the same room with a pair of Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov. The choreographer stood before an audience in the four images – receptionist, waiter, maid, and even stripped in the shower.

“Actually, the dance was an absolute experiment. When I get a chance, I want, first, to the couple revealed on the other hand, show emocionalno their new, fresh. Second – I wanted to do as do the other judges, not because they do not can, but will not do so. I knew that the other judges will be good at dancing, but different. So went to such an experiment. You should have seen what was happening behind the scenes, changing clothes. I don’t really remember it all. But I’m not so much dressed in a life as two miute three times. That was good!” — remembers the choreographer.