Vladimir Dantes starts solo project DANTES

After a five year break, singer, TV presenter and blogger Vladimir Dantes begins as a solo project, DANTES track “you’re 30 Now”. The song is a Manifesto of the generation of 30-year-old and was created in collaboration with singer and blogger Jerry Heil (Yana Semoi), which became popular after the hit #OHRANOY.

Владимир Дантес начинает сольный проект DANTES

Debut video for the song “you’re 30 Now” reveals the problem of “midlife crisis” and aims to destroy the stereotypes associated with 30-year anniversary.

Director work was a close friend of the artist Leonid Kolosovskiy, known for the clips to group Time and Glass and MOZGI.

About 30 years there are very few songs. They only sing about Gaza and Tender may track about “Svetka Sokolova”. Besides, many people, especially girls, there is an unjustified stereotype that 30 life is over. No need to be afraid of this figure. Just drop your preconceptions, have fun and enjoy their experience. After all, 30 all only begins

says Vladimir Dantes.

With the release of the song Dantes is already congratulating his beloved wife Nadia Dorofeeva:

DANTES — Now you’re 30: watch clip