Vladimir Ostapchuk and his wife decided to leave

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Elena Voychenko is one of the strongest pairs of Ukrainian show-business decided to leave. This information was officially confirmed by the press service of the artist.

Владимир Остапчук и его жена приняли решение расстаться

“The network appeared the information about our divorce. Yes, it’s true. Life is unpredictable, and so it happens. Sincerely to say, we want to make our personal relationships on public display. We are particularly anxious to protect our personal space, because we have two wonderful children. Between us years of good relations and friendship, support and partnership, travel together, life in the two countries, which is not easy, and much more.

The time we spent together, we remember with gratitude, and look to the future in new ways. That’s all we want to say, and please respect our decision and to this situation,” – appealed to fans of the artist.

We will remind, Vladimir and Elena have been married for 12 years. A family grows two children – daughter Emily and son Evan Alexander. About the discord in the relationship of the pair talking, when at the end of August-September on their pages stopped showing pictures. According to rumors, the role the disorder has played and employment Vladimir, and life in the two countries, but officially the reason steam does not want to call. It is known that Vladimir Ostapchuk personally took a petition for divorce in the Podolsk district court of Kiev.

In an interview Vladimir often talked about the fact that his wife is the closest and dear to him, so surely the pair will be able to keep warm relations.

Despite the difficult period, Vladimir remains optimistic. In his microblog he published a post from the gym for a two-digit, but very cheerful with the caption: “Never too late to change your life.” And also posts funny videos and photos with the kids, admitting they are in love.