Vladimir Ostapchuk has told, which he refuses before his speech


Stars are people too and most of them have their own fears, phobias, doubts, prejudices or rituals they carry out before his speech.

We asked the popular presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk whether it has something of the above. Dylan admitted that he never takes payment for work.

Владимир Остапчук рассказал, от чего он отказывается перед своим выступлением

“The leading main prejudice is not to take a prepayment. If you say that you pay to immediately refuse. Except that — 50 now, 50 later. Point”, — said Ostapchuk.

Vladimir says that after he was the host of Eurovision and watched so many people, he is now not afraid of anything.

“The presenter, who led the “Eurovision” live, which was watched 20 million people already does not scare. What can happen is unpredictable or bad? On the contrary, if there is some incident live is evidence that we are all living people wrong. Everything has to be a joke or beat”, — said Ostapchuk.

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