Vladimir Ostapchuk shared personal experiences

Vladimir Ostapchuk recently stunned by the news of the divorce with his wife Elena Voychenko – the couple lived for 12 years in marriage and has two children: daughter Emilia and a son, Evan Alexander. Leading up to the last hide bad news. Even before the appearance of information in mass media showman gave a candid interview with Masha Efrosinina in the program “Exam”. Vladimir told us about his views on relationships, men’s weaknesses, and shared personal experiences.

Владимир Остапчук поделился личными переживаниями

The media personality was genuine surprised by this turn of events in the family colleagues, because during the interview she had no idea that his relationship going wrong.

“Now, filling this video on your YouTube channel, I just watched it again and realized that some of the statements Vova can be interpreted differently… In any case, this is the most recent interview of Vladimir Ostapchuk still in the status of married men,” she wrote.

In particular, the showman said that he does not accept sex friendship. He shared the view that women invest in sex much more than men.

“First, I believe that men in our country are terribly spoiled. Are we spoiled with the most beautiful women, the best attention, generally behave obscenely. I’m not going to speak on behalf of all men, but I do believe that women invested much more,” said Ostapchuk.

He admitted that he does not suffer from lack of female attention – often in private messages on the social network come to him naughty pictures of girls.

“I’m spoiled female attention. I direct all send, not only the women,” confirmed the host.

Also Masha and Vladimir talked about the affair. On the question of why men don’t forgive women’s infidelity, Ostapchuk said: “We are spoiled. We are not proud, we are proud. My sister lives in Denmark, and brother – in France. There women and men a little differently behave. Because we have a man – a boy, and there’s a man – a partner. We have few men who are men in full partnership sense of the word. We still is such a spoiled boy who needs love to cook, watch out for whom you need to go, and if he changed to understand and forgive.”

Vladimir said that for a long time suffered from self-doubt, so it is so important in a relationship support.

“I need the attention and emotional support. I have to say, “Vova, you’re done!” Because I’m now gone, the last two years, but was insecure because of the huge amount of fail in the work”, — said the showman.

Ostapchuk decided on an honest recognition of the work he puts in first place and she takes the lion’s share of his time.

“I’m married to the job. I love everything I do, I enjoy it. This does not mean that I can’t find the balance. This means that everything I do at work and everything I can’t, I’m very close and sensitive,” said the presenter.