Vladimir Zelensky said that Kiev is ready to investigate the case of Biden, but there is a bigger issue: ‘independence’ and corruption (PHOTO)

Владимир Зеленский заявил, что Киев готов расследовать дело Байдена, но есть вопросы и поважнее: 'майдан' и коррупция (ФОТО)

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about the readiness of Kiev to investigate the case involving the son of former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden. In this investigation, insisted the US President Donald trump, for which he now faces impeachment.

Readiness to meet the wishes of the White house Vladimir Zelensky said Wednesday in new York during communication with the press jointly with U.S. President Donald trump, reports TASS. However, the head of Ukraine noted that law enforcement authorities have a task to do – to root out corruption and restore the course of events during the revolution 2014.

“I don’t owe anyone anything. I said that we are ready to investigate,” said Zelensky, answering the question, did he promise to Trump such an investigation during the July telephone conversation with the President of the United States.

Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is an independent state, as well as independent and the General Prosecutor of the country. “You know, we have a new (the attorney General) Ruslan riaboshapka is a very good, honest man, and with education, and with Western experience. And will it consider? It needs to consider any case, how can there be promises?” – said the Ukrainian President.

Meanwhile Zelensky did not directly answer the question, if in Ukraine such an investigation. “We have our own state – Ukraine, we have much more important issues. It is the case that much more important for every Ukrainian Ilovaysk (“Ilovajskij pot” in the Donbass, which killed the Ukrainian military. – Approx. TASS), this “independence” is corruption, which now the President said trump,” said the President of Ukraine.

While chatting with the press, U.S. President Donald trump said that Biden Jr. was able to get about 150 thousand dollars a month from the company in Ukraine. In turn, Zelensky said in a July telephone conversation, the us President did not put pressure on him to conduct the investigation. It can weaken the position of Joseph Biden, who is a potential rival trump in the next presidential election.

Earlier Wednesday, the White house, seeking to prove the absence of any violations in the actions of trump, issued a brief retelling of a telephone conversation of presidents of Ukraine and the USA. It is noteworthy that in these materials Vladimir Zelensky does not appear as a champion of the independence of the Prosecutor General. “Since we won an absolute majority in Parliament, the next attorney General will be 100% my person, my candidate, to be approved by the Parliament and will begin work as a new attorney in September. He or she will pay attention to this situation,” said Zelensky, expressing readiness to comply with the request of the trump of investigation against Biden.

A conversation with trump Zelensky took place on 25 July, a month before the appointment of Ruslan Riaboshapka attorney General. It turns out that the President of Ukraine may be considered a “man of 100 percent.” As it is combined with the statement about the independence of the Prosecutor General, announced Zelensky to the public – is not clear.