Vladimir Zelensky told a funny story about when I first spoke with Mat

Владимир Зеленский рассказал курьезную историю о том, когда впервые заговорил матом

The current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky once was a child too and in one of his old interviews he said that the first time he was yelling obscenities in the presence of his parents, when he came with them to Krivoy Rog.

About it writes RBC.

From the biography of Vladimir Zelenskogo we know that when he was six, he moved with his parents to Mongolia. Lived there for the family Zelensky four years, where Vladimir graduated from the first class. After the family returned to Krivoy Rog, Zelensky had to face “the pleasures of sovdepovskih times”, and his first acquaintance with expletives.

“In distant foreign countries, do not swear obscenities almost, so when I first heard on the street a dirty word, right at the hotel I asked the parents: “Mom, dad, what is x..?”. Parents from my question blushed, friends began to laugh loudly, and I never realized why, in my already not very young age, these words just to say scoundrel,” recalled Zelensky.

Also Vladimir admitted that when he was a child, often getting into fights because he always fought for justice.

I want to remind you that after the inauguration of the President, Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that he was more often to communicate with your parents and ask them for advice on all sorts of different serious issues, including political.