Vlasnik maskovskiy “Spartacus” snma team s championship Russie via suduko swavelle (video)

Власник московського "Спартака" знімає команду з чемпіонату Росії через суддівського свавілля (видео)

Naperedodni starts last season in Rosiysky Prem courier-Ls.

Of in particular, the Moskovskiy Spartak after seeing sviy pershiy match at home “Vdrift Aren” against “SOC”, and before the 10th huilin vzhe WW 2:0.

However, the next for the right valisa add, principshi the gate gospodaru two penalt for rakhunok yakih got psle from porazki – 2:2. And other penalt CCB of prisacani in the 90th Guilin.

The I yakscho for priznachennya pershoho 11-foot pitani not guilty fenicoti,

then priznachennya other penalt – TSE explicit methods to address them refer I add VAR.

Through the hour after the match the head of the Department sudsa RFS Viktor Casa visnaw an refer in another epsod.

“Sorry, arbtr pompiliusa in kluczowa epsod the 88th huilin”, – situ gorskogo arbtr sports.ru. I todav, head of scho vzhe cuddya podenco vastanante from work and add VAR Buda creme rozhled. Not vklucheno scho obidva progoti perevirka on palsgraf.

Vlasnik “Spartacus” Leonid Fedun adequately Dragunov on sudst in match against “SOC”.

“Tomorrow I will tell you, scho mi snames s championship! So. Can I write a commentary. The United Nations cloned, Yak bestowal, brother fate I don’t want to. I betrachte Groshi Ter. Chi potreben “Spartacus”, to mean, not potreban!”, – to direct words Fedun championat.com.

Naadam scho “Spartacus”, that CCB of niezadowolenie sudso for pdsummary view from the past season, writing otkritogo sheet Golov the Department sudsa RFU.