Voiced the main symptoms of health disorders in women

Doctors have sounded the main symptoms that indicate the disorder in women. Many of these manifestations are often ignored by the fairer sex.

Озвучены основные симптомы нарушения здоровья у женщин

A feeling of tightness and pressure in the jaw, arms or neck may precede a heart attack. If on the one hand in the legs experiencing pain, there is a risk of deep vein thrombosis, provoking a heightened possibility of stroke or heart attack. When a woman is concerned about the sudden flash of light in the eyes, we cannot exclude damage to the retina, but is the symptom most often in the age of 60-80 years, but it can be a problem for younger ladies.

If impaired vision is combined with headaches and occurs suddenly, it can have a connection with allergies, fatigue, stroke or even a brain tumor. Contact the specialist in case of pain in the groin, uchennyh of urination, seals in the chest, the appearance of fruity breath. To ignore is not recommended forgetfulness, constant drowsiness, itching moles, shortness of breath and irregularities in the menstrual cycle.