Volkswagen changed the logo

Volkswagen изменил логотип

Volkswagen company unveiled a new logo that got rid of the 3D effect, was more concise and versatile. At the same time in commercials of the Volkswagen will be a new sound saver.

Volkswagen decided on a large-scale rebranding, as far as possible to distance themselves from the scandal of the falsification of data on emissions of diesel engines. The company has relied on electricity and the latest technology. In place of the slogan “Volkswagen. Das auto” should come “Volkswagen, just electric.” Will change and sound design of the brand.

The new logo looks more simplistic compared to the previous three-dimensional icon. Designers have made it more clear, retaining the basic elements – the letters “VW” enclosed in a circle. A new logo was developed with a focus on electric models, nameplates, which will be able to glow.

First of all, a new glowing logo will appear on the headquarters of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, where the wave of updates will be distributed worldwide. Estimates of Volkswagen, will replace 70 000 logos in 154 countries around the world, including about 10 thousands of dealerships and service centers. The current re-branding have become one of the largest projects of its type in the industry. The process of changing logos, should be completed by mid-2020.