Voting by Internet: an option considered in Quebec for 2025

Internet voting: an option being considered in Quebec for 2025< /p> UPDATE DAY

Quebec voters could use Internet voting in the 2025 municipal elections thanks to a pilot project by Élections Québec, which comes with its share of challenges, however.

< p>The organization has been working for several years on the possibility of offering this new option to voters. It was after an analysis of cases in several countries, but also closer to home, in Ontario and Nova Scotia, that this Internet voting project was considered.

“All the parameters of this pilot project remain to be targeted, there are several steps to go through before introducing Internet voting,” said Élections Québec spokesperson Julie St-Arnaud Drolet in an interview with the QMI Agency.

The COVID-19 pandemic also had an influence on this decision, with several elected officials submitting the idea of ​​Internet voting during the last municipal elections in November 2021.

If the municipal elections are not carried out under the governance of Élections Québec, but of the cities, the organization proposes to ensure centralized management that could be replicated in future provincial elections.

“For us , the interest is to further facilitate access to the vote and that could be beneficial for certain groups of voters”, explained the spokesperson, who is thinking in particular of voters outside Quebec, people with reduced mobility. , but also to those who mention a lack of time.

Not like a simple banking transaction

Voting by Internet does not come without its share of complications, between respecting the anonymity of the voter and risks of computer hacking.

Three main elements must be considered for computer security, namely the way to vote, the device that is used by the voter and the network. However, they cannot all be controlled by Élections Québec.

“For the introduction of Internet voting to take place, the risks will have to be understood and accepted, both by the political class and by the voters,” argued Ms. St-Arnaud Drolet.

According to the spokesperson, do not think that voting is as easy to achieve as a bank transfer between accounts.

“One of the challenges is related to the secrecy of the vote, which requires separating the vote from the identity of the voter once the vote is recorded. On the other hand, it is also necessary to be able to carry out checks to ensure the integrity of the process, which would be based on the traceability of the vote, ”she said. “There are solutions, but it must be well thought out.”