Voting system and hypocrisy

Voting system and hypocrisy


The results of Monday's election launched the debate of the week: the voting system. The CAQ with 90 seats with 41% of the vote: what a distortion! Our system is outdated! We can't wait for a reform.

I have already been very much in favor of reforming the voting system. When ? When I was in politics and I got a single seat with 7 or 12% of the votes in Quebec. I don't remember hearing the Montreal singing choir sing the proportional for the ADQ at the time.  

Today, I am still open to some reform. But the years have made me realize the advantage for a society of having an electoral system that favors the formation of majority governments. However, I recognize the terrible failings of our old system when it comes to ensuring that all of society's voices are heard in Parliament.

Too much, too much< /p>

But this week, I gave up on so much hypocrisy.

To hear commentators and “experts” denounce the system when they didn’t say a word during the last federal elections: bullshit! Erin O'Toole received more votes than Justin Trudeau and it is this second who governs. Was it okay because you don't like conservatives? 

François Legault received three times as many votes as his nearest rival and it's a scandal that he rules by majority. I dare to imagine those who speak out against this haven't managed to get a normal night's sleep since Erin O'Toole was sent to opposition with 1% MORE of the vote than Justin Trudeau!

But actually, I think about it… O'Toole shouldn't have been there. Since in 2019 Andrew Scheer was almost one and a half percent more than Trudeau. For the rigorous voting system, Canada should be under the leadership of Andrew Scheer…

The real one punished

I don't care about those who criticize the voting system without naming Duhaime

The funniest thing is those who have written or preached about the reform of the voting system without naming Éric Duhaime and his Conservative Party. Cube hypocrisy! The real victim of the voting system is this party.

The CAQ and the PLQ are favored by the voting method. Québec solidaire is doing well: with 11 deputies, it will be heard in the National Assembly. With only three seats for 15% of the vote, the PQ are treated unfairly by the system. Despite everything, these three seasoned parliamentarians, solid tribunes, will make their party's voice heard. The PQ will not be muted for four years.

The Conservative Party has no seats: this is the real victim of the voting system.

Social networks have shown us images of Québec solidaire activists singing Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye during the announcement of Éric Duhaime's defeat in Chauveau. The next day, the leader of the party gives us a little sermon on the voting system and the importance of healthy representation.

Even intoxicated by partisanship, we have no right to be so inconsistent.

Voting system and hypocrisy

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