Wages could increase by 4.1% next year in Quebec

Wages could rise 4.1% next year in Quebec


Quebec employers expect wage increases of 4.1% in 2023, according to forecasts from the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors (CRHA). 

These forecasts are slightly higher than those for Canada as a whole (3.8%), the Order said, adding that the average increase forecast in Quebec “is the highest recorded since at least 2008”.

These forecasts are also in line with the salary increases actually granted in 2022. Indeed, according to the latest flash polls from the consulting firms that participated in the CRHA survey, the average increase in budgets in Quebec in 2022 varied between 3.7 and 4.5%.

“Organizations are juggling a large and widespread labor shortage, which continues to drive up wages. The significant inflation of the last few months has also had an impact on workers' salary demands,” explained Manon Poirier, director general of the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors, in a press release on Wednesday. 

Over 3% for all industries

The information and communications technology sector leads the salary increases expected in 2023 (+4.9%), closely followed by professional, scientific and technical services (+4.5%), as well as by the manufacturing sector (+4.3%). Conversely, more modest increases are expected in public administration (+3.1%), utilities (+3.6%) and arts, entertainment and recreation (+3.6%).&nbsp ;

Salary forecasts for 2023 were developed based on surveys from six participating firms and bringing together the expectations of approximately 940 companies in Quebec and 1,900 across Canada.

Aware that SMEs do not always have the same ability to pay as large organizations, Manon Poirier recommends that those under pressure bet on “agility and flexibility”.

“These Companies can implement agile employee experience strategies that take their realities into account. For example, they can focus on work-life balance, recognition and make sure to give meaning to the work of their teams,” she explained.