Wages in Ukraine will earn on-new

In mid-January, the Verkhovna Rada registered two draft laws submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers to change the principles of formation of tariff rates, official salaries and, ultimately, the size of salaries for state employees.

Зарплаты в Украине будут начислять по-новому

In addition, as the name suggests, the bills No. 2720 and # 2721 needs to create preconditions for improving the living wage, writes Today.

Bill No. 2720 “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the creation of preconditions for improving the living wage” proposes to change the approach to setting salaries. Now, in accordance with article 96 of the Code of labour laws, the minimum official salary (tariff rate) is set at the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons. the New bill proposes to withdraw the binding of salaries to the subsistence level, and “bind” it to the minimum wage. The minimum salary will be approved each year by the law on the state budget, as now approved by the minimum wage and a living wage. How will that change the payroll system?

In 2020 the minimum salary (the tariff rate) equal to the subsistence minimum for able-bodied – 2102 UAH. And the minimum salary is UAH 4723 – 2.2 times more than the tariff rate. Under the new bill, the minimum salary must be at least 50% of the minimum wage. That is, after the adoption of the law minimum wage in 2020 is automatically increased to almost 260 UAH – 2102 2361,5 UAH to UAH. This means that salaries, which are calculated by a Single tariff, also would increase. First of all it concerns workers of budgetary sphere. As well as officials.

The bill provides to amend the existing laws, which regulated the salaries of officers. the coefficients do not change, but if you had the salary of an official was n-ing the amount of cost of living, now the same amount of minimal salaries, or n/2 times the minimum wage.

For example, now the salary of the Prosecutor of the district Prosecutor’s office is 15 times the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, that is, 31 530 UAH. If the bill was passed and came into effect from this year, the salary of the Prosecutor once he grew almost on 4 thousand UAH to 35 UAH 422,5.

The salaries of other employees of the Prosecutor’s office are set in proportion to the basic salary of the Prosecutor of the district Prosecutor’s office with different coefficients. So, the Prosecutor of regional Prosecutor’s office receives a salary of the district attorney, multiplied by a factor of 1.2, i.e. 37 836 thousand UAH, and after changing the solver would receive 42 507 UAH. Bet the attorney General is now 69 681,3 UAH, and after recalculation amounted to 78 284 UAH.

We will add that in 2021 the salaries of prosecutors were to grow to 20 minimum subsistence levels, and with 2022-th to 25. Now, accordingly, it is planned to raise it to 20 and 25 minimum wages.

After the adoption of this bill will also change the salaries of the heads and members of the accounting chamber, the State Bureau of investigation, the national commissions and other authorities. So, the salaries of the head of the audit chamber and head of the state Bureau of investigations now account for 63 060 UAH, after changes in the calculation system they will grow up to 70 845 UAH. The salary of the head of the national Commission now is 105 UAH 100, and can grow up to 118 075 UAH.

But the salaries of educators after the adoption of the bill can grow slower than it is provided now. So, now article 61 of the law “On education” stipulates that salary teacher lowest qualification category should be three times the minimum wage. If this law was carried out, to date, the salaries of educators and teachers started from 14 169 UAH. But the law stipulated that to such a level the government should increase teachers ‘ salaries gradually by 2023 (more precisely, to the amount of three minimum wages, what will they be at the time). In the “growth period” the minimum salary of a teacher shall be not less than four times the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons (that is, in 2020 – not less than UAH 8408).

Now the bill No. 2720 intends to set the salary of the pedagogical worker of the lowest skill-level four minimum salaries. Because, as we reported above, the minimum salary shall be ½ of the minimum wage, this means that by 2023 the minimum salary of pedrabotnik need to be not up to three minimum wages, and up to two. That is (in the figures this year) instead of 14 169 UAH – UAH 9446.

Thus, according to this bill, 2023, the salary of teachers should grow “in proportion to the amount of increase in state budget revenues compared to the previous year.” That is, even level four of the current “living wage” of teachers to ensure not going.

The second bill, No. 2721, proposes to consolidate the Budget code a provision stating that the minimum salary for workers of separate industries of the budget sphere, for employees of government agencies, prosecutors and courts, and military personnel will be approved in the law on the state budget, “based on the available financial resources of the state and local budgets”.