Walking in cold weather threatening diseases

Our mothers and grandmothers were right when they asked us to wrap up well before going outside. Only in Britain long-term exposure to cold each winter kill 40 000 people.

Прогулки в холодную погоду грозят болезнями

From generation to generation, our parents, grandparents urged children and grandchildren very carefully to wrap up before going outside in cold weather. Although the flu is a virus that infects the person from another person, and not from the cold, these tips, as it turns out, absolutely fair. Prolonged contact with cold, usually in poorly heated rooms, only in the UK every winter, killing 40 000 people. Of course, they don’t die from frostbite. The most common causes of death – heart attacks and strokes.

These disorders of the heart and brain are associated with low indoor temperatures (less than +18), causing the blood vessels constrict in an attempt to maintain body heat at the level of 36-37 degrees. Because of this, the heart begins to work harder, pumping blood through narrowed vessels. And it contributes to spikes in blood pressure and increase the likelihood of death in those who already have any cardiovascular disorders.

The same goes for people who go outside on a not too warm clothes. Many tend to dress fashionably, refusing several layers of clothing that protect them from premature death. Earlier the experts were charged in the winter outbreaks of colds and flu crowding of people in closed spaces in which the probability of infection increases. A new study by scientists from Yale University in the US showed that the cold virus reproduces more efficiently when the temperature in the nasal passages of the person drops dramatically to 33 degrees with the usual 37. And this is precisely when a person goes from a warm room into the street.