Want to end breastfeeding eight month old daughter, but she won’t let me go, —…

Хочу уже покончить с кормлением грудью полуторагодовалой дочери, но она меня не отпускает, —...

Actress of Kiev academic Young theatre Liliya Rebrik is considered one of the most popular Ukrainian TV presenters. Despite movies, TV series and work on the stage, Lily has time to do their own dance Studio, to build a house and raise two daughters. Pair them with choreographer Andrew Wild called the most happy in the Ukrainian show business. After the second birth, Lily is very quickly regained form and happy to share their photos on social networks.

Looking at a smiling Lily Rebrik, who arrived at the interview driving your own car, it is difficult to imagine that she got up at four o’clock in the morning, spent the TV, took my daughter to school, fed the baby her breast, and she still have shooting. After finishing work on the first Ukrainian-Lithuanian TV series “Marcus” (channel “Ukraine”), Lily is preparing to play a negative character.

“For me the most exciting moment — the first time to see themselves on screen in a new role”

— I think the negative of the heroine is not very for you to face.

— But, no! Directors I often see it in the images of bitches. Sometimes it seems, blame the fact that I’m really a brunette.


— Yes, and burning. When I came to Kiev to enter the theater was like Lyubov Polishchuk — with bright eyes and dark hair. To graduate, of course, went to all sorts of auditions. Someone once said to me “you Have a very bright appearance, a characteristic and inside the lyric”. Where they discerned the lyrical guts? In General, I “lyricali”, first made a few white strands, then a little more and eventually turned blonde. But I play still the same bitch. However, sometimes there are human characters. So my Marina to “Marcus” — an ambiguous character. It is mysterious, with their pain, inner peace and personal space. Most interestingly, we have.

You haven’t seen his work before the premiere?

— It depends, but in this case it turned out that I didn’t see any frame. Worried, because all the footage and I understand that already can not change anything. So for me the most exciting moment — the first time to see themselves on screen in a new role. I love that feeling. Gather at the TV. The eldest daughter, I think it will be interesting — she was a schoolgirl.

Хочу уже покончить с кормлением грудью полуторагодовалой дочери, но она меня не отпускает, —...In the TV series “Marcus” cute blonde Lily Rebrik plays a negative role

— What grade Diana?

— In the second. Often look at her and think: “Oh, my God, when did she grow up?” Despite the constant bustle it is necessary sometimes to stop and enjoy the moments that will never happen again. Unfortunately, this summer I spent quite a bit of time with the family. Parallel starred in four projects, and there are radically different characters. However, for an actor it’s very interesting.

— Did you have time to relax with the kids?

— I spent a week in Turkey, in the hotel where “all inclusive”. But with children, how would you “not circled”, still can not completely relax. Of course, officially, we rested, but I feel that the new season has just begun, a lot of projects, but my body demands rest. So Andrej and sometimes for a day or two leave children on grandmothers to just be alone.

“This is our Andrew a challenge to ourselves is to refuse the services of the nanny”

— We know that you do not use Babysitting services.

— Yes, it’s our challenge to ourselves. Not heroism, just a desire. And while we love the fact that they are “greedy” parents see raising our daughter, what successes do. The eldest of seven, and she already comes the first stage of adolescence, when the personality takes over. Sometimes, Diana meets us on equal terms.

She dreams of becoming an actress?

— No. Still sees himself as a veterinarian or dentist, acting for her is just a hobby (remember, Diana played her first major role in the film “mother’s Heart”. — Ed.). It might seem that in this life all the actors. Her usual thing when mom is on TV. Only recently started to understand that not all moms kids see on the screen. When the school asked her: “Your mother Liliya Rebrik?”, the daughter wonders why people are so surprised.

Хочу уже покончить с кормлением грудью полуторагодовалой дочери, но она меня не отпускает, —...Liliya Rebrik daughters on holiday in Turkey

— You know, you build a house near Kiev.

We finally completed the work, I go there often, but during the school year try to live in Kiev. Especially in my working week on the project “Ranok z with Ukraine” when I Wake up at four in the morning and leave the canal. Diana and Polina does Andrew. I admit, sometimes you just don’t understand how he manages to pick both, feed, clothe, get to school. Some turnover. So the question that still live outside the city, could not be.

— Who does your housework?

Who’s free and who is involved. We do everything ourselves. If I come later, Andrew is cooking dinner. He is a true father, husband, man. He sees nothing wrong in becoming to the stove and cook a meal. And makes it really delicious! If he’s busy, I’m cooking.

We are in a difficult period: I began to rehearse a new play plus the shooting of a movie, morning air. More recently, and Pauline started to walk and she has absolutely no sense of fear for the child permanently must follow. Andrew is preparing for another season of “the Viennese ball”, leads a dance Studio. The last time our lives are planned down to the second. Sometimes I even take Pauline with him to rehearsals.

Хочу уже покончить с кормлением грудью полуторагодовалой дочери, но она меня не отпускает, —...Lily Rebrik and Andrew Wild called the most happy couple in the Ukrainian show business

— Where do you get the energy and physical strength for all this?

— Love and interest in life is my Golden rule. And they teach their children. Until you find “clues” in life, nothing will happen. Any business should bring at least the fun and interest.

Even if you have to get up at four in the morning?

Yes. Take away now I have it all, just howl. I am very insatiable in the work. I admit, it’s hard to call it work what I do. As one wise man: by doing what you love, you’re not one day going to work, because it’s just your way of life. I always wanted to work hard, to earn, to be tired at work and then run home, knowing that you are there waiting.

Happiness does not come. Just starting to feel it more and see some completely ordinary things. I love to drive, turning on the music is my personal space. And I have a tradition — while driving, called my mom, and on speaker we can talk to her while I’m driving. Acutely aware of the need for this. My mother is a teacher of the school, and I am upset when I cannot talk.

“Physical activity in my life enough — shooting force jump and run”

Is it true that you are still breastfeeding the baby?

— Yes, so little sleep. Polina wakes up at night. Imagine it in my schedule! I want to end with feeding, but she still won’t let me. If Diana was originally a daddy’s girl, that Pauline — my mother’s bones. That mom came home and slept, can not be considered. Pauline immediately occupies me. But, on the other hand, it is happiness! So I am pleased that everything in my life happens that way.

— But life can’t consist only of “pink ribbons”.

— I didn’t say it. We just build our own lives. Everyone who knows me, understands that. I do are always positive. Don’t like to swear, to sort things out. Where it is necessary to explain something, to explain is not necessary. Live on this principle and learn to delete unnecessary people from your life. Just do not waste their energy and health.

And it always has been?

— Probably not. We all overcome some emotional rapids. Now I came to the understanding that you need to take care of yourself, love and respect — then you will have the same attitude. Can absolutely still say that I am a happy woman. And nothing would change. I think in childhood, draw some kind of picture of his life. I always knew I wanted a happy family like my parents.

You look good. What are you doing to keep in shape?

— I think with my schedule it is easy to support yourself physically, because I am always in good shape. Do not go to the gym, this is not necessary. Believe the husband who says that I’m beautiful. Physical activity in my life enough — the performances need to keep yourself in shape, filming is forced to jump and run. In the end, at any moment to dance with Andrew. It is very important your attitude. If you whine and say, “God, I’m tired,” the universe can hear you and will give you the opportunity to relax. But I don’t want to have taken away even a bit.


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