Want to excommunicate: Sobchak and praying mantis caught in a scandal after shocking wedding

Хотят отлучить от церкви: Собчак и Богомолов попали в скандал после эпатажной свадьбы

For the past week, everybody is talking about outrageous wedding Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. An uproar of believers called erotic bride dance song Allegrova “Come with me”. A violation of the laws of the Church, I think that the wedding couples, because Ksenia and Konstantin were previously married.

Now for the outrageous antics Sobchak could face court. The national conservative movement of Russia has submitted to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation the statement, which accused Xenia insulting the feelings of believers. Activists believe that their dance and sexy outfit, and Ksenia was in a black bodysuit, she “brazenly and shamelessly trampled” Christian values in General and religious symbols in particular.

Do not approve of Orthodox of the Russian Federation and the wedding couple. Because according to the canons, Church marriages are made once previously divorced are not allowed to get married again.

Before entering into ecclesiastical Union, Sobchak and Bogomolov had to undergo the rite of repentance, confession and promise not to commit immoral acts.

Christians believe that after leaving the temple she was acting immoral, deceiving the clergy.

And Bogomolov in connection with the scandal reminded him of “blasphemous” play, “an Ideal husband. Comedy”, which is staged at the Moscow art theatre. The ethicist need to remove the statement from the repertoire or at least to make directorial changes.

Banned in Ukraine the social network “Vkontakte” an open letter to Patriarch Kirill. It is asked to stop by Konstantin Bogomolov from the Church. His performance is called mocking, and the scenes are blasphemous and depraved.

“Known for his blasphemous and immoral productions Director Bogomolov, who was fired from the Moscow art theatre, but having every opportunity to remove from the repertoire of the blasphemous play, or at least, make the relevant amendments, removing all scenes of blasphemous character, continues shooting polupereprevshego of the series,” write Cyril members of the National-Conservative Movement, remembering the movie “Kept woman” which is full of erotic scenes.

Хотят отлучить от церкви: Собчак и Богомолов попали в скандал после эпатажной свадьбы

Recall that Sobchak and the mantid were married on Friday the 13th of September. To the Registrar the bride and groom arrived in a hearse, what shocked the guests and parents. To get married the young went to the black carriage. Then walked to the Museum of Moscow. The wedding was decorated in the Gothic style — red tablecloths, black dishes. The apotheosis of the evening was a lap dance Sobchak. After the antics of Xenia parents Bogomolov, hurriedly left the Banquet.

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