Want to return to the stage: an unexpected confession of a former star

Хочу вернуться на сцену: неожиданное признание бывшей звезды

On Saturday, October 12, will host the fifth edition of the tenth season of the vocal show “X-factor” (STB). Your artistry and vocal talent will showcase many well-known characters, including the heroine of the scandalous video of the band “Leningrad” Maria Stopnik and the winner of the project “Karaoke on the square” and “Chance” Peter Dmitrichenko. Provocations on the casting for the project is available here.

The appearance on the scene of the “X-factor” participant Peter Dmitrichenko will be delighted by Igor Kondratyuk. After winning the guy in the project “Karaoke on the square” and “Chance” Kondratyuk for some time cooperated with Peter.

Хочу вернуться на сцену: неожиданное признание бывшей звезды

Speech on TV, and then began the biggest peak of my popularity, confessed Peter. — People would stop me and tell me how they survive. But I just wasn’t ready for it. Popularity is a very heavy burden, disconnection from reality, a feeling of permissiveness. I want to get back on stage and start all over again.

Хочу вернуться на сцену: неожиданное признание бывшей звезды

Coming to the project, and Maria Stopnik, who played a major role in the scandalous clip of group “Leningrad” — “i_$uss”. Although Maria recalls with a positive job on the clip, she wants to be remembered as the heroine of this video.

— I don’t want to be the girl from the video “Leningrad” — said Maria. — I must use every opportunity to develop further.

Хочу вернуться на сцену: неожиданное признание бывшей звезды

— This year among the contestants a lot of very strong girlish voice, — admitted “the FACTS” music producer Vadim Lisitsa. — Were the voice, I just got goose bumps ran! In my opinion, this season really turned our special.

This time the guest judge of the anniversary season will be a famous musician Dmitry Shurov.

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