Warner Bros. will produce two paintings in “the Matrix”

One of the largest American corporations for the production of films and television series Warner Bros. will release two films in which the action will take place in the world of “the Matrix”. This was told by screenwriter Zak Penn.

Warner Bros. выпустит две картины по «Матрице»

Screenwriter posted on his page on the social Network Twitter a new tweet, adding that the WB. there are two different project, the basis for which was the famous franchise “the Matrix.” Zak Penn also wrote the screenplay of one of them, and its events take place prior to the action in the already known history. Lana Wachowski will act as the Director’s other film, the sequel, but none of these works is rebooting.

As first reported in the media, at the moment the Studio is looking for actor for the role of a young Neo. In the sequel to the popular story you can see Carrie-Anne moss, who played Trinity and Keanu Reeves, who plays Neo. The plot is not known, but filming is expected to begin in 2020.