Warranty period: how much of years allotted to each?

Now nobody will be surprised man, celebrated its centenary – in the world there are thousands and each year becomes more and more.

Гарантийный срок человека: сколько лет отведено каждому?

Italian scientists from two universities in Rome decided to find out, how long could a person’s life. Every year the world becomes more and more centenarians and life expectancy in General is increasing rapidly. Many scientists anxious to learn how it is possible to extend the life of all people. The study is published in the journal Science.

Scientists noted that to define a clear boundary of the human life-span is impossible, but there is a “warranty” is a conditional life expectancy, which lacks domestic resources. This time managed to determine – it is equal 105 years.

In addition, the researchers found that the most important thing is to cross the threshold at 80. Before this age the risk of dying is growing and after it begins to decline and stabiliziruemost. Moreover, those who celebrated 105th birthday, the probability of surviving to next birthday increased by 10%.

In addition, after 80 years reduced the risk of developing cancer. This feature was already noted scientists involved in cancer research. The peak incidence occurs in people aged 60-75 years and then the risk begins to decline. It is assumed that this is due to the influence of aging on cancer cells.