‘Warsaw concentration camp’, which was in ‘Wikipedia’ 15 years there was a fake about a fictional Nazi death camp (PHOTO)

'Варшавский концлагерь', которого не было: в 'Википедии' 15 лет существовал фейк о выдуманном нацистском лагере смерти (ФОТО)

For 15 years, from 2004 through August 2019, in Wikipedia there was an article on the effect in Warsaw to the Nazi death camp, which was allegedly created specifically for the destruction of the poles, where it killed more than 200 thousand people. It spoke of gas chambers, supposedly erected at the Western station of Warsaw.

“For the first time gas was used on 17 October 1943. Were killed, 150 detained on the street poles and 20 Jews from Belgium. Bodies were burned or in a crematorium, or in the fire, including at the Warsaw stadium, or buried under the demolished buildings of the Warsaw ghetto”, – stated in “Wikipedia”.

The place where once was located the concentration camp, now has become a kind of pilgrimage: people come here from all Poland here periodically to hold the ceremony, paying tribute to the sacred memory of the dead – those who died a Martyr’s death in the gas chambers, located near the train station. About the tragedy that occurred 76 years ago, reminiscent of the monuments and memorial plaques.

But there is one problem: this death camp was not. There is no historical evidence that Warsaw ever worked the gas chambers, no documents, that there were killed over 200 thousand people. But is a myth. Article about Konzentrationslager Warschau, translated into several languages, including and Russian, turned out to be fake – one of the most important fraud in the history of the Internet.

According to the newspaper Haaretz,
this camp never existed. In 15 years of existence of the article, only the English version has been viewed over half a million times. She referred to such authoritative articles of “Wikipedia” as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_crimes_against_the_Polish_nation “Nazi crimes against the poles” and “extermination Camps”. They “Warsaw concentration camp” coexisted with Auschwitz and Majdanek.

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As writes NEWSru Israel, the development of such forgeries fits into the policies of the Polish authorities with a view to revising the history of the Holocaust. According to the publication, in Poland strongly inculcated point of view, according to which the main victims were poles, not Jews. In the dissemination of this narrative, Haaretz reports, participate nationalist media and research centers.

They talk about “Palacete” – the Polish Holocaust. For this, the number of Polish victims of the Nazi regime exaggerated, and Jewish often downplayed. Such a concept could not find followers, neither in academia nor in the international media, but Wikipedia is an ideal platform.

The article is entitled . This camp really existed. It contained the Jews to the demolition of dilapidated during the uprising of the ghetto. But it was not an extermination camp, it was not the gas chambers here were not destroyed 200 thousand poles. Historians say that the number that was taken for a reason. During the Warsaw uprising of 1944 killed 200 thousand citizens of Poland. If you add them the same – we will receive 400 thousand. Many Warsaw Jews died in the Holocaust. Thus, the Polish Jewish victims become equal.

It is a question of Polish responsibility for the Holocaust caused a deep crisis in relations between Poland and Israel, the recent close partners. Its beginning was the adoption in 2018, amendments to the law on the Institute of national remembrance, the so-called “law of the Holocaust”.

According to this law a man publicly accusing Poland for crimes committed during the Holocaust, the complicity of Nazi Germany, war crimes or crimes against humanity can be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years. It prohibits the use of the phrase “Polish death camps”.

In June 2018, the paragraph introducing criminal liability for the mention of the involvement of poles in crimes of the Nazis, was cancelled by the Polish Sejm and the President Andrzej Duda signed new version. However, the Polish authorities react very negatively to any mention of the role of poles in the mass extermination of Jews in their country during the Second world war.

In February 2019, during a visit to the Museum of history of Polish Jews, located on the territory of the former Warsaw ghetto, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Poles collaborated with the Germans (the Holocaust)”. This was the reason for the cancellation of the Jerusalem summit, the Visegrad four.

Commenting on the decision, the acting foreign Minister of Israel Yisrael Katz quoted the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, whose family remained in Poland and was destroyed during the Holocaust: “Many poles collaborated with the Nazis… the Poles imbibe anti-Semitism with mother’s milk”.

These words in Poland caused an uproar. In late September the President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that the sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Poland in recent months was the result of “offensive statements” by Israeli foreign Minister Israel Katz.