Was a copy of Kate Middleton: jade from “Clone” changed her hairstyle (photo)

Стала копией Кейт Миддлтон: Жади из «Клона» сменила прическу (фото)

The star of the popular Brazilian TV series “Clone” Giovanna Antonelli tried on the image of a platinum blonde, and later decided to return to dark hair, but slightly osvetli strands. Fans of the actress felt that the new hairstyle made her look like Kate Middleton, says “StarHit”.

In addition, 43-year-old Antonelli put the hair almost the same as the 37-year-old Kate. Both, according to many, have certain similarities: star of Brazilian soap operas and the representative of the Royal family can boast of delicate features, defined cheekbones and large eyes. However, the reaction of the actress on such a comparison remains a mystery.

Стала копией Кейт Миддлтон: Жади из «Клона» сменила прическу (фото)

By the way, Antonelli, which is still charming for millions of jade “Clone”, often shared in social networks with details of his personal life. She says that not only continues to act in films, but also engaged in business. TV star owns a company for the delivery of organic food, produces perfume. And recently, Giovanna showed a photo taken about 10 years ago while waiting daughters Antonia and Sofia.

“Oh, what a shot! I miss those days” — wrote the actress under the rare. The father of the girls became Director Leonard Nogueira. The couple is still together, but the Registrar never came.

We will remind, the first Deputy Antonelli became an entrepreneur Ricardo Medina. The couple met at school, but after marriage about four years, got divorced. What was the reason for reticence in the family is unknown.

While working on the series “Clone”, gave the main characters the world at large Giovanna had an affair with a colleague at the site of Murilo of Benicia. To the delight of fans the pair signed, and in 2005 they had a son. However, the happiness of the stars outside the set was not long: soon after the birth of an heir, they broke up. “I are at her house. We talk a lot. She has the right to kiss and to meet with whomever I want. It’s her personal life. I want Giovanna was happy”, — shared Murilo later.

Стала копией Кейт Миддлтон: Жади из «Клона» сменила прическу (фото)

The third choice Antonelli was a businessman from America Roberto Locascio. Lovers played a magnificent wedding in Italy, after which he planned to move to the US, however, Benicio banned Giovanna to take son to the States. Not without trials, which Antonelli badly soured relations with Locascio. Soon the couple divorced.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in early September, Giovanna Antonella suddenly began to look at least ten years younger, although the 43-year-old actress has never hesitated to show her face without makeup, in absolute naturalness, with all the facial wrinkles. , Facebook and Twitter