Was launched in terms of coronavirus football championship South Korea was scored an elegant goal (video)

В стартовавшем в условиях коронавируса футбольном чемпионате Южной Кореи был забит элегантный гол (видео)

South Korea became one of the few countries in the world, which in a pandemic coronavirus kicked off football championship.

And in the first round of the K League 1 viewers (the matches are played in an empty stadium) witnessed a goal-a masterpiece, which became a player “Kanona” Cho ja-Won.

At home the confrontation with the “Seoul” (3:1) the players, “Kanona” in the 85th minute gave a quick and graceful as the “river source” (as translated from Korean “Kangwon”) combination, which ended with a blow to the heel in one touch Cho ja-Won.

This goal was victorious for the hosts (after 2 minutes set the final score in the match Kim Sinda).