“Was under political pressure,” the Head of the NBU resin has filed a resignation

«Был под политическим давлением»: Глава НБУ Смолий подал заявление об отставке

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy has submitted a letter of resignation to President Vladimir Zelensky. About this Smoliy wrote in his Twitter.

“I filed a letter of resignation to the President. This decision was taken in response to the systematic political pressure, which denied the discharge of my duties of the Manager. Let this be a warning about attempts to undermine the institutional independence of the Central Bank,” wrote the resin.

The resignation of the head wrote in the NBU.

“For a long time, the national Bank of Ukraine carried out a systematic political pressure. This makes it impossible for effective implementation of me as the Chairman of the authority vested in me leadership of the National Bank’s activity and interaction with other state bodies. His resignation I want to warn against further attempts to undermine the institutional framework of the Central Bank in Ukraine”, — quotes Smoliy, the press service of the national Bank.

The national Bank was elected the new head of the Department for supervision over insurance market

As reported, Deputy head of the National Bank Oleg Chury said that now “the NBU is a psychological pressure.”

As previously reported, the ambassadors of the “Big seven”, commenting on the draft resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on the activities of the NBU, said that undermining the independence of the National Bank will affect the Ukrainians that will damage the confidence of investors and jeopardize international support for the efforts of the Ukrainian government.