Washington decided to leave in Syria, about 600 US troops (PHOTOS)

Вашингтон решил оставить в Сирии около 600 военнослужащих США (ФОТО)

Washington intends to leave Syria around 500 or 600 American soldiers, said the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff us armed forces General mark Millie in an interview with journalists of the TV channel ABC, reports TASS.

On the question of whether it is true that Syria will leave more than 700 U.S. troops, he said: “They will be less than a thousand, that’s for sure. Maybe about 500. Maybe 600. Something like that. But we won’t tell the exact number because we have not yet completed the analysis.”

“In the region are still militants of the “Islamic state”. If you do not exert pressure on this group, then there are conditions for recovery of the IG,” he added.

Millie added that Washington intends to maintain a small military presence in Syria. “The task will still be to apply IG lose in the long term,” explained Millie.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that the President of the United States Donald trump has approved a plan under which Syria will remain for at least 800 U.S. troops, one of their main tasks will be to ensure control over the oil fields.