Washington has offered Belarus the supply of US fuel for nuclear power plants (PHOTOS)

Вашингтон предложил Белоруссии поставки из США топлива для АЭС (ФОТО)

Nuclear fuel under construction close to the Lithuanian border and 50 km from the capital of the Belarusian nuclear power plant (Belarusian NPP) could be delivered in the United States. About it as transfers TASS, said Monday here the Deputy Minister of energy of the USA Rita Baranwal.
“Reactors, like those being built in Belarus, safely working in different countries of the world. In the future, fuel could partially meet U.S. suppliers,” she said.

An American official has called on Lithuania not to interrupt the dialogue with Minsk. “The United States urges Lithuania and Belarus to continue negotiations while maintaining transparency,” said Baranwal. Lithuania, note, a harsh critic of the constructed nuclear power station in Vilnius it is called unsafe. The Lithuanian Parliament declared the NPP as a threat to national security and adopted the law prohibiting a pass its electricity through the Lithuanian power grid.

Baranwal and her boss Rick Perry took on Monday participated in the international conference on Euro-Atlantic energy cooperation in the capital of Lithuania. In Vilnius, Perry told reporters that the US does not intend to intervene in the debate on the safety of the NPP, and recommended Lithuania to resolve the issue in the framework of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) and through dialogue with Minsk.

The construction of the Belarusian NPP carried out with the participation of Rosatom state Corporation, began in 2009 near the town of Ostrovets (Grodno oblast). First unit of the plant should be launched in early 2020.

In Belarus, said that the claims of Lithuania are at a political level and that the safety of nuclear power plants will be provided in accordance with the highest standards.