Watch the film ’12 chairs’ mark Zakharov

Died a famous Soviet and Russian Director mark Zakharov. He was 85 years old. About it writes RBC.

Умер режиссер '12 стульев' Марк Захаров

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At the end of August 2019 Mark Zakharov hospitalized with suspected pneumonia.

“It’s true. Unfortunately, this disaster come to see us. Died this morning after a long illness, he had a second pneumonia,” — said the Director of the Russian theatre “Lenkom” mark Varshaver.

The time and place of burial is unknown. August 20, artistic Director of “Lenkom” was hospitalized in the clinical hospital. Botkin with suspected pneumonia. The actor was discharged on 9 September.

A tremendous loss the death of Mark Zakharov called the actor Alexander Lazarev. “It hurts. I’m shocked,” he said.

“I have not yet pulled myself together. Another trouble came to us. Awful for all of us. It’s a whole layer of life is gone,” said the actor Mikhail Boyarsky.

A terrible tragedy for the global theatre of death Zakharova called Oleg Basilashvili. According to him, though he never worked in “Lenkom”, always focused on the work of the chief Director of the theater. “Mark Zakharov remains a model seeker, critical of the surrounding reality and yourself a life-affirming person,” said Basilashvili.

“We’re all in shock there. Great sorrow for the Lenkom theatre, for all students, actors, who has raised mark A., and indeed for the whole of Russian culture,” — said the actor “Lenkoma” Ivan Agapov.

Mark Zakharov was born in 1933 in Moscow. After graduating from the State Institute of theatrical art (GITIS), he spent several years in directing in a variety of Metropolitan theatres, and in 1973 became the chief Director of the Moscow theater of the Lenin Komsomol (nowadays “Lenkom”).

The Director called himself a Russian, although he acknowledged that is a quarter of the Jews on the paternal side.

Among his performances — The “not listed”, “Juno and Avos”, “Memorial prayer”, “the Royal game”.

Zakharov became famous as a filmmaker, creating films including the works of Grigory Gorin and Eugene Schwartz, as well as on their own scenarios. The most famous of his films — “Ordinary miracle”, “Munchhausen”, “Formula of love”, “Kill the dragon”, “12 chairs”.

Mark Zakharov — winner of various awards and state awards, including people’s artist of the USSR.