‘Watch the movie and read the book’: a Ukrainian doctor told you why you should not panic due to coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus rages in the world is no longer a few months, during which time it made a lot of research, published more materials and news. Ukrainian doctor Natalia Nikolaeva on his page on Facebook told about what is faith and why you do not need to panic at this difficult time.

'Смотрите кино и читайте книги': украинская врач рассказала, почему не стоит паниковать из-за коронавируса

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Hereinafter in the first person.

About the symptoms

I understand that you need again to talk about the symptoms, because the condition of coreopsis compounded by the need periodically to revive and return to reality trapped in an avalanche all unnecessary contradictory information.

You know, doctors are the concept, if not honour, then at least of ethics. And no wonder the ancient physicians used Latin in conversation with each other and writing their scientific works. Not enough to make a significant inaccessible mystery, but rather to help ordinary people did not climb where is not necessary and not scared of what they don’t understand. You know that every disease can be fatal if it is correct to Google.

And now even have access to any information, and the coronavirus has not only lazy.

But the fact that it is permissible for the ordinary people, is not legitimate self-respecting doctor. Because the principle of “do no harm” first, which should take into account the doctor. Therefore, all available treatment protocols cause irritation, as people immediately rush and buy strange drugs and try to escape on their own, which only adds to the work of resuscitation and undertakers.

And for such publications: “Look, look like burnt-out light of a young girl who died from the coronavirus, but not knowing about it till last because you don’t have symptoms” — I want to chop off hands.

Because people, frightened by the situation, you begin at the first sign of something strange, to look at the hidden pneumonia and prislushivatsya, do not burn the lungs. And it’s not funny, because people can bring to anything, if they constantly pour a stream of purely medical information that they do not need.

But the most surprising abundance of “new” abstruse terms from all around. All of a sudden hit in the pathogenesis of viral pneumonia and savor the words “frosted glass”, “cytokine storm”, “fibrinous exudate” as it seems it is something new and unprecedented. And people repeat and insert them anywhere.

All you hear about the fibrosis, ground glass, cytokine storms, and everything else about the burnt light is not new. It appeared now, with the coronavirus, it was up to him.

It was always in viral pneumonia, as they exist. The flu can be, especially with pork or chicken. Therefore it is not necessary to do from this opening, scaring people.

All severe pneumonia in the coronavirus flow almost the same as with swine flu, which was a lot this winter, but no one spoke.


Disease the degree is divided into mild, moderate and severe.

Mild illness without pneumonia at all. They are the majority.

The symptoms are varied, they can be combined, and some not at all. Temperature from low-grade to high, and can not be. Cough dry, strong, weak, and may not be. Weakness, fatigue, dizziness. Sometimes very severe headaches. Very infrequently (6% of cases) diarrhea. Dryness of the throat, sometimes very strong. Often the pain behind the breastbone or chest, from light touch sensations hot to very strong

But this does not mean that the lungs are “burning”. Lungs pneumonia do not burn, there on the contrary, the alveoli are filled with inflammatory exudate, which is extremely rare then you can produce fibrosis, and not at all. And cytokine storm is not at all, but very rarely. As it is not the virus causes, and especially the specific response of the immune system. It in other diseases or intoxications may occur in acute pancreatitis, but for some reason people don’t think about it when you do not take care of the pancreas.

Mild is not complicated and it does not weigh anything. It can be from a week to two or three itself goes unnoticed. Pneumonia when this.

Tellingly, the saturation, i.e. the saturation of blood with oxygen while normal, though some may feel shortness of breath, but it is rather neurotic. A blood test may be completely normal.

Don’t search for radiation and eosinopenia is in more severe cases, and this is not news, meaning the mystery of the virus — so with all of viral pneumonia. Treatment is symptomatic, at home. But the doctor still have right to report — let the phone watching.

If 4-6 days you get worse, increased fever, shortness of breath or feeling that it is difficult to breathe, the respiratory rate at rest to 25 or any modification of consciousness: agitation or confusion, seizures or anything else — immediately call a doctor or ambulance.

Yes, there are pneumonia without fever and rales in the lungs, which can hear the doctor, but they are asymptomatic, because light — like random discovery.

The more extensive pneumonia — the more symptoms. Do not eliminate asymptomatic lungs. And does not occur in one day, especially the first.

And not all go into pneumonia respiratory distress syndrome, and very rare. And the real mortality rate is not more than 0.5%. And the complication rate is no more than the flu.

Nothing more do not invent. Don’t forget that these symptoms may appear as psychosomatic when excessive suspiciousness and anxious apprehension.
Don’t need to read about coronavirus — watch a movie or read fiction.

And the main thing — do not make this virus something previously unknown, unexplored and unclear. Pneumonia and before that was leaking as well. And treated them, and the ventilator was used, and the same mortality was all there was. Just doctors now suddenly decided to tell.


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