Water scarcity is recognized the main factor of obesity

Many believe that the main culprit of obesity is overeating. And this opinion is shared by both ordinary people and many professionals.

Недостаток воды признали главным фактором ожирения

But American scientists believe that obesity to a greater extent influences the lack of water in the body. It is the dehydration they call the main factor in the increase in the mass of the human body.

The opinion of scientists supported by the study which showed a significant correlation between obesity and use of water. The experts say that sports people are also constantly monitoring the level of body moisture. That is why they are able to maintain good form. Scientists attribute this to the fact that water plays a very important role in the fat burning process and translating the calories into energy.

Experts have observed 10 thousands of volunteers, paying particular attention to the amount of consumed water. As a result, they found that one third of the subjects gained weight because of the very small use of water. People often quench his thirst completely inappropriate drinks such as sugary sodas. But they are not only able to quench their thirst, but also contain huge amounts of calories. Therefore, to replace pure water they can not.

Based on the results obtained, the researchers emphasize that preventing obesity is possible. In many cases, just balanced and timely drink. So, according to experts, to maintain a slim figure is enough to drink several glasses of water a day.