Water, sleep and positive: 20 daily habits of people who rarely get sick

Why are some people easy to avoid colds and flu? Edition of the collected 20 Healthy habits that I follow rarely ill people.

Вода, сон и позитив: 20 ежедневных привычек людей, которые редко болеют

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The adoption of precautionary measures and the formation of habits that promote health, can have a value if we are talking about the reduction of the effects of certain microbes. Although ill always possible, these habits will be able to calm your mind knowing that you are doing everything possible to stay healthy.

They click on a button lift the knuckle of the finger

Everyday activities can increase the risk of catching cold, and that includes touch public surfaces. Partha Nandi, MD, a leading physician and author of “Ask Dr. Nandi”, advises to avoid touching common surfaces. “Even after you wash hands, use paper towel to turn off the faucet,” he says.

They drink enough water

When you drink enough water is washing away the germs. “Keep hobgoblins,” advises Rene Miranda, MD, family medicine physician in Oxnardca medical center the Ohio state University. How to know how much to drink? “Take your weight in pounds, divide in half, and it’s about so many ounces of water you need per day, she says. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds (68 kg), you need about 75 ounces (2,21) of water a day.”

They do not skimp on sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system suffers and you are more susceptible to disease. “Sleep is one of the most important things we can do to the body, says Dr. Miranda. — When we sleep, the body has a chance to recover, recover and rejuvenate”. It is recommended to sleep at least six to eight hours a day.

They disinfect their phones and car keys

The screen of your phone is much dirtier than you thought, because it collects the germs from any surfaces that you put it in the day. In addition, your hands can transmit the germs on the phone and also other items that you regularly touch, but you probably don’t clean them, for example, car keys or a computer keyboard.

“When someone in the house is sick, I disinfect the surface, which you don’t normally think of door knobs, faucets, toilet, light switches, telephones and remote controls,” says the mom from new Jersey Jenna Benifato. Dr. nandy suggests using disinfectant wipes without bleach to clean keyboards and other surfaces in the office. “Use disinfectant wipes to wipe things that use other,” he says.

They do flu shot

The flu shot is probably the most important barrier between you and influenza. According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC), the single best way to protect against influenza is vaccination every year.

“It is very important that you be aware of all your vaccines,” says Dr. Miranda. The flu shot is not perfect, but it is your best choice. Flu shots may not protect against every strain of the virus, and you can still get sick — you just will have more mild symptoms than if you had not been vaccinated.

They practice yoga or meditation

Stress has a negative impact on your immune system.

“My husband is rarely sick, and I think it’s because he rarely feels stress,” says Katsia Putnam from Morristown, new Jersey. “In order to improve your immune system, manage your stress, says Dr. Miranda. — Start with any form of breathing exercises or meditation practices daily to help reduce stress.”

Frank Lipman, MD, bestselling author and founder of Be Well also advises meditation, while Dr. Nandi offers yoga to help cope with stress.

They take zinc

Vitamin C is effective for colds, but what about zinc? The results of the study were mixed, but a review of the “Open forum infectious diseases” showed that those who took zinc within 24 hours of onset of symptoms, had shorter duration of colds.

“If you are taking zinc, take it in the form of a syrup or lozenge, which allows him to stay in the throat where it may come into contact with the virus, says an expert on nutrition and fitness Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of “Fat diet for dummies”. Zinc nasal sprays are not recommended because they can cause loss of smell”.

They go outside

Even when it’s cold in the snowy weather, you can enjoy a walk with the whole family.

“Out on the street for a change of scenery, a walk and a breath of fresh air contribute to a more active lifestyle, helps blood circulation, relieve stress and improve health, says Dr. Miranda. Often many of us sit in front of a computer screen, TV, or mobile phone for many hours.”

In warm weather, Dr. Lipman also offers Cycling and walking barefoot on the earth to connect with nature.

They drink warm water

Although any moisture is helpful, there are amazing benefits of drinking hot beverages to help you when you are sick. Some studies show that warm water can improve the flow of mucus from the nasal passages, helping to reduce the symptoms of inflammation sinus. In addition to hot tea, Dr. Nandi offers: “Drink warm water with added honey and a little organic lemon juice, drink warm water with cinnamon stick”.

They washed his nose

Nasal irrigation may have some benefit in preventing nasal infections. Since the microbes that cause infection are transmitted through the air, “to reduce the impact by simply washing the nostrils clean saline solution, says medical herbalist Tami Bronstein, owner of Medical pharmacy The Herbalist. — Point the spray nozzle into the inner tip of the nose — it was here that the rhinovirus replicates”.

They use essential oils

“When I feel I catch something, put a few drops of essential oils on your body and after a couple of hours starting to feel better, says Charles Tappen of Morristown (NJ). My favorite immune support oregano. I put it on the soles of the feet and the spine.”

Dr. Nandi also recommends that patients “take the natural oils” to avoid diseases. Although more research is needed, some essential oils such as cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus oil and bergamot oil may have antiviral activity. In addition, according to the National sleep Foundation, essential oils can help promote better sleep.

They have sex

“Sex can strengthen your immune system because it gives pleasure and reduces stress, says Dr. Miranda. — If we really believe that, as a result your immune system will be upgraded”.

They are not germaphobe

If you are one of those people who are wondering whether the soap holds germs, you may be more likely to get sick because you are too concerned about cleaning.

“Of course, wash your hands after using the toilet, but don’t go crazy disinfecting everything, says Katie ray from Syracuse (new York), who says she rarely gets sick. — I think my parents allowed me to get dirty, and it strengthened my immune system”.

Dr. Lipman says that it has some scientific basis.

“Microbes are very important for our health and immunity, as they provide optimal functioning of our microbiome and our immune system, she says. — The impact of all types of bacteria is how we build the immune system.”

Misuse of products that kill both good and bad microbes, including antibacterial soap, disinfectant for the hands and antibiotics can have negative consequences for our health.

They visit the gym

The exercises are definitely useful, they can also help your body to respond to infection. Ray is Jogging and I am sure that regular exercise is one of the reasons why she never gets sick.

“Regular, moderate physical exercise can improve the immune system and help in preventing diseases, says Palinski-Wade. — One small study showed that regular exercise prevents colds”.

They change their hand towels

How often should you wash bath towels? Every two or three days. But the hand towels more prone to pathogens because they are used by several people — so they need to be changed every day.

“Viral transmission can occur quite quickly at home, says Dr. Nandi. — Therefore, if a family member is sick, daily change of sheets and pillow cases can also help reduce the chance of transmission.”

They are friends with Kale

Tappen believes that her vegetarian diet supports its health. “Vegetables are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals that can damage cells and weaken the immune system, says Palinski-Wade. — Dark green leafy vegetables filled with vitamin C that can help to shorten the duration of colds. Spinach and mushrooms are also a good source of zinc which has been shown to also reduce the duration of colds”. Dr. Miranda also advises to eat less processed foods.

They use green tea

According to the research of Molecules, held in 2018 are among the many useful properties of green tea have and strengthening the immune system.

“It seems that green tea has an impact on the reduction of cases of infection and also to reduce its duration, says Palinski-Wade. — It was discovered that the antioxidants in green tea block the different phases of infection of healthy cells, weaken the virus and reduce the duration of cold symptoms and fever.”

They get together with friends

Laughter really is the best medicine, and sharing happy times with loved ones can increase the likelihood that you will be healthy.

“The human body adapts to any environment you put it, so if you expose him to the environment with a large number of negative stressors, such as negative thoughts and people who you not support, the body undergoes more stress, and this has a negative impact on your overall health, says Dr. Miranda. — When you expose the body to a positive environment, support of friends and family and work stress using the therapy of laughter, the body experiences less stress, and it brings positive health benefits”.

A study conducted at the National Academy of Sciences, showed that the presence of strong social relationships can have a positive effect on life expectancy. So communication with friends and family, even virtual, can be useful in many ways.

They eat yogurt

It’s time to learn the facts about probiotics that bring a lot of health benefits, including keeping you sick. Contained in yogurt, fermented foods, some cheeses and supplements, they regulate good and bad bacteria in the microbiome of the intestine. Banatao says that adding a quality probiotic helps her to stay healthy.

“A large part of our immune system based on our gut, says Palinski-Wade. — A healthy gut reduces inflammation in the body, allowing it to better fight off potential infections.”

They think positively

“Our mental health has a huge impact on our physical health, says Dr. Lipman. A great example of this is stress, as we often see and feel how much it can affect our mental and physical state”.

Consequently, negative emotions can weaken the defenses of your body against diseases.

“The mind and body are not separated, and a good attitude to life can change the world for the better,” says Dr. Miranda. Studies have shown that optimism can positively affect everything from outcomes to longevity.