We all need a Taurus! 14 things that make Taurus, the best sign of the Zodiac

Нам всем нужен Телец! 14 вещей, которые делают Тельца лучшим знаком Зодиака

Take a look, maybe among your friends is loyal, faithful, ambitious, and sensual people? That is definitely a Taurus! This is actually the best sign for a few simple reasons.

1. You will never have to doubt him.

One of the best qualities of a Taurus are their loyalty. This sign symbolizes constancy. Taurus values the relations and protects them to the last. Fight for him no reason to break the relationship. Taureans do not differ romanticism, preferring to analyze and choose a comfortable partner for life.

2. Taurus clearly adheres to its principles.

Distinguished by persistence, stubbornness and will-power, Taurus is willing to listen only to themselves – it is difficult to convince, to break, to cause to act against his principles.

3. Taurus is humor and wit.

This sign loves clever humor, and knows how to subtly make a joke, so you will not get bored.

4. Taurus is straightforward.

Taurus is not a critic by nature. However, if you ask to state his opinion he’ll give it to you.

5. The Taurus is stubborn, but in a good way.

One of the most notable disadvantages of Taurus is stubbornness. You have a long time to persuade him to try something new or change their opinion. But his stubbornness helps him to succeed. They are persistent and not influenced by someone else.

6. Taurus are independent.

Taurus can really handle everything yourself. Brave and straightforward Taurus is powerful enough to simultaneously address your concerns and support you.

7. Taurus is extremely patient with me.

He is a great listener and is always ready to help you to solve your problems. It can years to be with the stimulus, and not flare up.

8. Taurus emotionally stable.

Taurus does not like stupid drama. He is Mature and magnanimous, and keeps calm even in the most difficult situations.

9. Taurus is determined.

If he has a clear goal, he knows exactly what to do to achieve it. They will work on what makes them happy. It is the sense of concentration makes a Taurus best Zodiac sign.

10. Taurus — the connoisseur.

Taurus incorrigible Hedonists, they are connoisseurs of fine wine, excellent cigars, great food and expensive clothes. Their house is filled with beautiful and exciting things to buy for the house, they do not skimp. He always knows how to extract benefits for themselves. Wealth literally prityagivayutsya to him, and so with him you will never vedovati.

11. Taurus high standards.

The bulls have very high standards. They can’t stand the stuff! Taurus will always prefer quality to quantity. If you hang out with Taurus, you have to feel special. He chose you because he knows that you meet its standards.

12. Taurus is responsible.

His motto can be called the expression “work time fun — hour”. He always performs work in time, and capable of the most tedious and monotonous work. Making it one of the most desirable employees.

13. Taurus family.

For the Bullock family will always come first, and he never, in that it would not change. Loving and patient nature, he is always ready to move mountains for the sake of their loved ones.

14. Taurus is caring.

Few people can be so attentive and caring even in the little things, like Taurus. He always remembers what you like, where to buy, and what inscription would you prefer on your Jersey.

And your friends are Taureans too?