“We are at war. These people are sick”: tramp wants to “scalp” a CIA agent, bloated scandal Zelensky

«Мы на войне. Эти люди больны»: Трамп хочет «скальп» агента ЦРУ, раздувшего скандал с Зеленским

The President of the United States Donald trump during the meeting with diplomats in new York was accused of espionage informant, reported to Congress the details of his conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. About it writes “Interfax” with reference to Bloomberg.

“We are at war. These people (acceptable leak) ill. They are sick”, — said trump American diplomats closed to the press meeting. The Agency has at its disposal the video from this event.

“I want to know who this person is, who is this man, who gave the informant the data? Because of this (transfer of such data) is similar to espionage”, he continued.

The Agency notes that excerpts from the conversation in the format of recordings are also published on its website the newspaper the Los Angeles Times.

“In General, this person (the informant) had never seen the report (with your eyes), he had not seen the transcript of the call, it’s just something heard about it… They (involved in the leak of information, people) are virtually spies”, he added.

Trump also during the meeting, lamented the fact that currently the US is not as harshly punished “for espionage and treason” as in the old days. However, he did not specify what specific types of punishment he has in mind.

The meeting was organized by the White house, the guest list also was approved by the White house, but it was attended by not only the staff of the permanent mission of the USA at the UN and their families, but also other people. It is possible to use mobile phones.

Recall that U.S. intelligence agencies believe that trump has put pressure on Zelensky to last intervened in the investigation in the case of a private company Burisma, one of the shareholders which was the son of the chief of the candidate for President of the United States Democratic party, Joseph Biden hunter.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the personal lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump, former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani threatened to give his evidence of the intervention of Ukraine in the American presidential election in 2016.

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