‘We are together’: the mayor of Chicago signed a decree on the protection of immigrants and refugees during a pandemic

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot signed Executive order expressly guaranteeing that all the benefits, features, and services provided or operated by the city of Chicago, available to all residents, regardless of their country of birth or current citizenship status, reported on the official website of the city hall.

'Мы вместе': мэр Чикаго подписала указ о защите иммигрантов и беженцев во время пандемии

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“It’s not just the official decree, it is a statement about our values as a city and as Americans,’ said Lightfoot. — Since COVID-19 for the first time reached the threshold of our city, we worked around the clock to ensure the safety and support of all our residents, including immigrant communities and refugees, who are among the most vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic. Here in Chicago, to say “we are together” means that during this crisis no one is left behind and no one is left behind.”

“Not all Chicago residents are eligible for Federal assistance in connection with the coronavirus, insurance, state unemployment or other economic assistance because of their status, — said the representative of the local authority Michael Rodriguez. — These Chicagoans are vital members of the community working in various industries to help prosper our great city. These Chicagoans — our family members, colleagues, neighbors and friends. I applaud the mayor for what she supports undocumented persons and their families to ensure them the right to any economic assistance offered by the city of Chicago during this global pandemic.”

To solve the problems that the pandemic COVID-19 puts the city and the immigrant community in Chicago was implemented assistance programs to all residents, including:

  • created a grants program to assist, which provides support in case of natural disasters, to cover costs of housing faced by individuals and households affected by the pandemic COVID-19;
  • the proposed online learning resources for all students at all levels that every student, regardless of immigration status, may continue to receive a full education;
  • created by the Chicago Foundation sustainability of small business in the amount of $ 100 million, providing small businesses cash flow to assist in the disaster relief during a pandemic COVID-19, which is available to any owner, including immigrants.

“Most people in our immigrant community working in industries affected by the crisis COVID-19, such as restaurants and hotels. Although many of these workers collectively pay taxes on the billions of dollars, they are excluded from the Federal aid package signed by Congress. We must meet this moment together; no one is an exception. I thank the mayor Lightfoot for the fact that everyone in Chicago is where to go for support,” — said the representative of the local authority George Cardenas.

Since taking office, Lightfoot has made a concerted effort to protect the immigrant community and, as noted on the official website, “intends to continue this support.”




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