We assess skills and sexual health in the face of strangers

We think that more attractive people less risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and that they are more experienced in bed!

Мы оцениваем сексуальные навыки и здоровье по лицу незнакомцев

The researchers found that the appearance of the person matters when we evaluate the negative and positive qualities, writes dailymail.co.uk. In the survey of scientists was attended by more than 1,000 heterosexual sexually active men and women aged 18 to 75 years.

The participants of the experiment were shown a random male faces, and the participants – female. They were asked to evaluate attractiveness, sexual skills and the probability of the presence of STDs in people in the photo. Moreover, subjects believed that the survey concerns their views on sex and relationships, not sexual bias.

Scientists have discovered a phenomenon called “the halo effect and horns.” Its essence is that the presence of any positive traits, for example, a beautiful appearance makes people believe that he has other positive qualities (ghosting), whereas a negative trait causes people to assume the existence of other negative qualities (Rog).

Both men and women considered the most beautiful people are the most skilled in bed and Vice versa.

Surprisingly, respondents also thought that the most attractive strangers are less likely to be infected with an STD. “This fact is alarming. It turns out that our assumptions about others can tempt us into risky sexual situations,” said lead researcher, sexologist Sean Jameson.

Previous studies have shown that men are less likely to use a condom when having sex with women who are considered more beautiful. Also we all tend to assume that physically attractive people are happier, smarter and have more beautiful children.