‘We can’t do nothing’: the tenants promise to call a strike and not pay for housing due to coronavirus

Due to the fact that millions of people suddenly lost their jobs, some tenants promise to call a strike until, not yet subsided pandemic coronavirus. About it writes USA Today.

'Мы не можем бездействовать': арендаторы обещают объявить забастовку и не платить за жилье из-за коронавируса

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New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and St. Louis are among the many cities that has temporarily banned the eviction, but supporters of the strike are demanding that the lease payments were cancelled, not postponed, for those. the Idea of a strike rooted in some parts of North America and even in London.

White sheets hang in the Windows of the apartments to show solidarity with the movement, the increasingly popular Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Leaflets calling people to participate, located in several cities, including at bus stops in St. Louis, where 27-year-old Kyle Kofron still working on the ice-cream factory, but his three roommates were suddenly unemployed. According to Corona, managing the house still has not approved the new payment plan.

“For me personally, when all lose their jobs and can’t pay, it’s the only thing we can do — said Kofron about the strike. We just can’t do nothing.”

Orders of isolation and strict restrictions are forcing shops, restaurants and bars to be closed indefinitely. Many service industry workers who find themselves unemployed, are in the best of times, live from paycheck to paycheck. Now many say that they have no money to pay the rent.

Some politicians expressed support, if not directly strike, the moratorium on the temporary deferment of rent.

The new York state hardest hit by the coronavirus. Senator Mike Gianaris from Queens introduced a bill that would forgive the rent and mortgage payments for 90 days for individuals and small businesses affected by the coronavirus.

“Tenants can’t pay rent if they are unable to earn a living. Let’s cancel the rental price (#CancelRent) within 90 days to keep people in their homes during the crisis #coronavirus”, — wrote Gianaris on Twitter.

Supporters of the strike are not waiting for legislative approval. Activist organization incite a strike. A group called Rent Strike 2020 operates at the national level.

“Our requirements to every Governor in every state is very simple: freeze the rent, mortgage and utilities for 2 months,” — said on the website of the Rent Strike 2020.

Activists in St. Louis are encouraging those who can afford the rent, to join the movement in solidarity with those who can’t. Landlords can’t just evict the strikers, if there are many, said Chris Winston For The People of STL.

Others say that the strike could further damage the economy if the owners and property managers will be forced to default.

The effects of the rent strike

Matthew chase, the attorney for eviction in the County of St. Louis, said that management companies and homeowners there are people who pay utility bills and other expenses. Widespread strike could force them to lay off their employees, reduce the cost of maintaining the property or even close to apartment complexes.

Nick Kasoff living in a suburb of St. Louis Ferguson, calls himself a “small landlord”. He warned anyone who refuses to pay the rent.

“The courts are closed, but they will not be closed forever, — wrote Kasoff in Facebook. — If you choose not to pay the rent, your landlord will sue for eviction in the day when they will open. You lose your house, ruin your credit history and harming the receipt of any decent housing in the future. Strike rent will not eliminate capitalism and make you a homeowner and will destroy your kreditni rating and make you homeless”.




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