We derive the calcification of joints forever!

Выводим отложения солей из суставов навсегда!

Increased production of uric acid in the blood and salts, which are deposited in the joints, and indicate problems with the kidneys. While uric acid kristallizuetsya and accumulates in the joints, it causes swelling, tumors, and joint pain of varying severity.

Therefore, this problem must be treated, otherwise the pain will become stronger, and over time, the crystals grow and display them would be much more difficult.

Cucumber juice is very effective in reducing the temperature of the body, alkalize the body, and is also effective in removing uric acid and its crystals in the joints. We will tell you the recipe for removal of toxins. Thanks to its ingredients, namely celery and especially ginger, inflammation significantly reduced.

To bring the uric acid crystals in the joints, You have to use this recipe!

To prepare You need the following ingredients:

1 cucumber medium size;

2 stalks of celery;

0.5 lemon;

2.5 cm young ginger root.


Thoroughly wash and clean the ingredients. Cut ingredients in small pieces. Next, place all the ingredients in a container and blend with a blender (if necessary, you can use a meat grinder). The resulting mixture is juice jam and all!

Make this drink once or twice a day until you see results.

If You have serious health problems or severe pain, suggest You to seek the advice of a doctor. Self-medication can be harmful to Your health.