We determined the three nominees for the title of best young player of the year

Определилась тройка номинантов на звание лучшего молодого футболиста года

Italian publication Tuttosport, founded in 2003, the prize Golden Boy, has named three finalists for the award in 2019. The prize is awarded to the best young player, age 21.

Among the nominees that will compete for the trophy will compete the English winger of Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho, his colleague in the Bundesliga, the German midfielder “Bayer” Kay Heuertz and Portuguese striker “Atletico” Raul Feliz.

The latter, incidentally, is the most expensive acquisition of the summer transfer window of 2019. We will remind, Vice-the champion of Spain has laid out for him Benfica 126 million euros.

Note that participated in the race and Ukrainian goalkeeper “Valladolid” Andrey Lunin, who at an early stage of the tournament could be in the top 20, but a final shortlist has not got.

The winner will be next Wednesday, November 27 in Rome.

The last time Golden Boy has got to the defender “Ajax” Matteis de Ligtu, who now plays for Juventus.